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Accelerate your UX writing with AI with May Habib @Writer

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Welcome to writers in tech, a podcast brought to you by the UX writing hub; an online education platform for writers in tech. We have the UX writing academy, which is the first and only UX writing and content design food camp in the world so if you are interested in getting into your exciting writing journey, checkout uxwritinghub.com. Today Yuval Keshtcher is going to talk to May Habib. She is the founder of “Writer” an app that will be discussed on today’s episode. Furthermore Yuval and May will discuss how the app will help companies in their writing process using the power of artificial intelligence.

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  1. With Writer, it is the first time that we have gone straight to put in the words on a page as a world, and it has been so extraordinary to get to know the community, whether they are knowledge-based writers, support writers, content strategists, content designers, UX writers, explains May.
  2. When you load up a writer plugin, it just kind of shows up in your Figma app over to the side, and it lets you know when you run it on a frame or a component if there are errors in the writing, says May.
  3. The Writer is an AI writing assistant where privacy is a big feature. We don’t save any customer data, and it is a big differentiator against the Grammarly release of the world. We are world-class at synthetic data creation, says May.



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