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How to design a bot in 2020 | Interview with Amir Shevat author of Designing Bots

Episode Summary

Amir Shevat has worked for companies such as Microsoft, Google, Slack, and was the VP of product at Twitch. He also wrote the book “Designing Bots” and currently runs his own start-up called Reshuffle. Quite a resume! As he’s someone with so much experience in the valley, I was curious to talk to him about the future of writers in tech and where he thinks our field is headed. In this episode you’ll learn: -The current status of bots -The future of conversational software -About the best case studies and use cases for conversation design -How to start a conversation design product -How to design a delightful conversation -All about the bot “beer test” -Ethical design suggestions

Episode Notes

Amir Shevat

Amir's new start up company Reshuffle 

When it Comes to Bots - the Beer Test* Might be More Important than the Turing Test.